About Simple Rate

Not all credit cards are alike. Using the right credit card that’s best suited for your spending habits can increase your annual rewards by up to $300.

Most Canadians are missing out on hundreds of dollars in free rewards and cash back. They sign up for credit cards without thinking twice about what it offers simply because their home bank recommended it, or because it was free.

However, annual fees are usually waived in the first year, and the rewards earned can make up for 2x to 5x back what you pay to use the card.

At Simple Rate, our mission is to educate Canadians on how to use credit cards effectively to earn the most rewards and cash back.

Dedicated to finding the best credit card for Canadians

With all the different credit cards on the market today, it can be difficult to find the best one for you.

At Simple Rate we meticulously review all new and existing cards every week in Canada and list the best offers depending on what you’re looking for.

We want to change the way Canadians shop for credit cards, and educate them at the same time on making the best choices for their given needs.

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