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The Best Gas Rewards Programs in Canada

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Last updated on February 23, 2022

If you own a car, you are automatically a regular at gas stations. This is inescapable if you are a driver. Several brands offer a gasoline rewards program. To help you find the right rewards for your needs, here we break down the best rewards programs in Canada.


1. Esso Extra

One of the reasons why this program is in first place is that it has just announced its association with the PC Optimum program, which is already one of the programs with the highest payout for its members. You will therefore also be able to collect points at the grocery store (Provigo, Maxi and Loblaws) and at Pharmaprix starting January 18, 2022. This also means you will have the opportunity to decide where you want to use your discounts.

The Esso Extra program alone, before it is completely replaced by PC Optimum, offers one to four points per $1 spent, depending on the type of gasoline, but also has several promotions that allow you to get more.

You will also be spoiled for choice for redeeming your points. There are “little treats”, which can be bottled water, free gas, car washes, discounts on a liter of gas, and many others.

To register, click here or download the Esso Extra app from the App Store or Google Play.


2. Petro Points

The Petro Points program is probably the oldest in this list; it has been around for over 25 years.

Quite simply, you get 10 points per $1 spent on gas or in store and you can then redeem them (1000 points = $1 savings) for gas, gas saver cards or even gift cards for different stores and restaurants.

In addition, the points never expire, and you can earn them at any Petro Canada service station across the country.

To sign-up, click here or download the Petro-Canada app from the App Store or Google Play.


3. Journie

New to the world of gas rewards, Journie is Ultramar’s loyalty program.

With Journie, you can earn one point per liter of gas and two points per dollar spent on in-store purchases at Ultramar convenience stores.

The fun thing about this one is that you don’t have to wait long before you’re eligible for a reward. There is a 300-point cycle: a first reward (a convenience store item or additional points, for example) at 75 points, a second at 150 points and then at 300 points, you will automatically have a discount of 7 cents/liter of gasoline on your next visit.

To register, click here or download the Journie Rewards app from Google Play or the App Store.


4. PC Optimum

For now, this program is offered at Esso/Mobil gas stations adjacent to Maxi or Loblaws grocery stores. You earn 10 points per liters of gas and 10 points per dollar spent on car washes and at convenience stores.

You can then redeem these points at any PC-related location (Maxi, Provigo, Loblaws, Pharmaprix) and as of June 18, 2022, at any Esso.

To register, click here or download the PC Optimum app from the App Store or Google Play.


5. Shell

Shell Oil doesn’t have its own rewards program, but you can earn Air Miles points on your eligible fuel and product purchases. You will get 1 mile for every 20 liters of Shell Bronze or Silver gasoline, or Shell diesel, 1 mile for every 10 liters of Shell V-Power NiTRO+ or Shell V-Power Diesel gasoline or 1 mile per $5 of eligible products (excluding gas).

In addition, there is a promotion with IGA grocery stores that offers you a discount on gas from purchases of $70. The offer is incremental and starts at 3 cents off per liter of gasoline. If you always shop at a mega grocery store (more than mega in fact!), you will earn up to 42 cents off per liter of gas. For this, you need a grocery bill of $980 or more. Obviously, for most people the rewards fall on a sliding scale between these two examples.

If you don’t have an Air Miles card yet, you can apply for one here.

What about the Triangle Gas Rewards?

The famous Canadian Tire program can also be use in every Canadian Tire gas station and you can accumulate points too. It works with your Triangle Mastercard or just your regular rewards card. Since these stations are less common, the program did not make it into the top 5. However, it is still an excellent reward program, especially if you like going to Canadian Tire!

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