How To Buy Amazon (AMZN) Stock In Canada

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Last updated on October 1, 2021

Looking to buy Amazon stock?

If you’re in Canada, you can buy Amazon stock from most trading platforms. The two best major self-trading platforms that let you buy and sell Amazon stock is Wealthsimple Trade and Questrade.

Best stock trading platforms in Canada that let you buy Amazon stock:

About the company, Inc. (AMZN) was founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994. He started the company out of his garage in Bellevue, Washington. Today, the company is still headquarated in the same state, based in Seattle, Washington. Amazon has grown from a small online book retailer to becoming the world’s most valuable brand. It is one of the Big Five tech companies in the US, alongside fellow corporate giants: Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook.

Today, Amazon is no longer just an “online store”. Their Amazon Prime subscription has over a 150 million paying subscribers, they acquired Whole Foods in 2017 (alongside other notable acquisitions made over the years: Ring, Twitch, IMDb). They also run Amazon Web Services, Amazon Publishing, and Amazon Studios.

Company Revenue & Performance

Total Assets323,888,000338,516,000365,725,000375,319,000
Current Assets143,713,000162,819,000131,339,000128,645,000
Cash, Cash Equivalents & Short Term Investments90,943,000100,557,00066,301,00074,181,000
Cash And Cash Equivalents38,016,00048,844,00025,913,00020,289,000
Cash Equivalents20,243,00036,640,00014,338,00012,307,000
Other Short Term Investments52,927,00051,713,00040,388,00053,892,000
Accounts receivable16,120,00022,926,00023,186,00017,874,000
Gross Accounts Receivable---17,932,000
Allowance For Doubtful Accounts Receivable----58,000
Other Receivables21,325,00022,878,00025,809,00017,799,000
Other Current Assets11,264,00012,352,00012,087,00013,936,000
Total non-current assets180,175,000175,697,000234,386,000246,674,000
Net PPE36,766,00037,378,00041,304,00033,783,000
Gross PPE103,526,00095,957,00090,403,00075,076,000
Land And Improvements17,952,00017,085,00016,216,00013,587,000
Machinery Furniture Equipment75,291,00069,797,00065,982,00054,210,000
Accumulated Depreciation-66,760,000-58,579,000-49,099,000-41,293,000
Goodwill And Other Intangible Assets---8,015,000
Other Intangible Assets---2,298,000
Investments And Advances100,887,000105,341,000170,799,000194,714,000
Investment in Financial Assets100,887,000105,341,000170,799,000194,714,000
Available for Sale Securities100,887,000105,341,000170,799,000194,714,000
Other Non Current Assets42,522,00032,978,00022,283,00010,162,000
Total Liabilities Net Minority Interest258,549,000248,028,000258,578,000241,272,000
Current Liabilities105,392,000105,718,000116,866,000100,814,000
Payables And Accrued Expenses42,296,00046,236,00055,888,00074,793,000
Accounts Payable42,296,00046,236,00055,888,00049,049,000
Current Accrued Expenses---25,744,000
Current Debt And Capital Lease Obligation13,769,00016,240,00020,748,00018,473,000
Current Debt13,769,00016,240,00020,748,00018,473,000
Commercial Paper4,996,0005,980,00011,964,00011,977,000
Other Current Borrowings8,773,00010,260,0008,784,0006,496,000
Current Deferred Liabilities6,643,0005,522,0007,543,0007,548,000
Current Deferred Revenue6,643,0005,522,0007,543,0007,548,000
Other Current Liabilities42,684,00037,720,00032,687,000-
Total Non Current Liabilities Net Minority Interest153,157,000142,310,000141,712,000140,458,000
Long Term Debt And Capital Lease Obligation98,667,00091,807,00093,735,00097,207,000
Long Term Debt98,667,00091,807,00093,735,00097,207,000
Non Current Deferred Liabilities--3,223,00034,340,000
Non Current Deferred Taxes Liabilities--426,00031,504,000
Non Current Deferred Revenue--2,797,0002,836,000
Tradeand Other Payables Non Current28,170,00029,545,00033,589,000-
Other Non Current Liabilities26,320,00020,958,00011,165,0008,911,000
Total Equity Gross Minority Interest65,339,00090,488,000107,147,000134,047,000
Stockholders' Equity65,339,00090,488,000107,147,000134,047,000
Capital Stock50,779,00045,174,00040,201,00035,867,000
Common Stock50,779,00045,174,00040,201,00035,867,000
Retained Earnings14,966,00045,898,00070,400,00098,330,000
Gains Losses Not Affecting Retained Earnings-406,000-584,000-3,454,000-150,000
Total Capitalization164,006,000182,295,000200,882,000231,254,000
Common Stock Equity65,339,00090,488,000107,147,000134,047,000
Net Tangible Assets65,339,00090,488,000107,147,000126,032,000
Working Capital38,321,00057,101,00014,473,00027,831,000
Invested Capital177,775,000198,535,000221,630,000249,727,000
Tangible Book Value65,339,00090,488,000107,147,000126,032,000
Total Debt112,436,000108,047,000114,483,000115,680,000
Net Debt74,420,00059,203,00088,570,00095,391,000
Share Issued16,976,76317,772,94419,019,94420,504,804
Ordinary Shares Number16,976,76317,772,94419,019,94420,504,804

Balance Sheet

Mr. Timothy D. CookCEO & Director
Mr. Luca MaestriCFO & Sr. VP
Mr. Jeffrey E. WilliamsChief Operating Officer
Ms. Katherine L. AdamsSr. VP, Gen. Counsel & Sec.
Ms. Deirdre O'BrienSr. VP of People & Retail
Mr. Chris KondoSr. Director of Corp. Accounting
Mr. James WilsonChief Technology Officer
Ms. Mary DembyChief Information Officer
Ms. Nancy PaxtonSr. Director of Investor Relations & Treasury
Mr. Greg JoswiakSr. VP of Worldwide Marketing

Key Executives

YearRevenue (USD - Mil)Net income (USD - Mil)Total Assets (USD - Mil)# of Employees

FAQs about Amazon Stock

Where is the Amazon’s headquarters?

410 Terry Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109-5210
United States


Does Amazon stock pay dividends?

There are no plans for Amazon stock to pay dividends over the coming 12 month period.

Have Amazon ever split their shares?

Amazon has had three stock splits in its history: First in June 1998, second in January 1999, and the third in September 1999.

When does the fiscal year end for Amazon?

The fiscal year for Amazon ends in December.

Where can I buy Amazon Stock (AMZN) in Canada?

If you live in Canada, you can buy Amazon stock from Wealthsimple Trade or Questrade.

Do you live in Canada?

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