How To Buy Facebook Stock (FB) In Canada

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Last updated on October 1, 2021

Looking to buy Facebook stock?

If you’re in Canada, you can buy Facebook stock from most trading platforms. The two best major self-trading platforms that let you buy and sell Facebook stock is Wealthsimple Trade and Questrade.

Best stock trading platforms in Canada that let you buy Facebook stock:

Facebook Company Overview:

One of the ‘Big 5’ information technology companies based in the United States (along with Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft), Facebook, Inc. is the leading name in the realm of social media today. The company started out with ‘,’ (now known simply as Facebook) a social media site created in 2004 by Harvard students Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Chris Hughes, Dustin Moskovitz, and Andrew McCollum. Currently headquartered in Menlo Park, California, the company now offers a host of other social media platforms and services. With over 2.5 billion monthly users on Facebook alone, Facebook, Inc. is the biggest social media company to exist across the world.

Most Popular Social Media Platforms/ Services Owned By Facebook, Inc.:

1. Facebook: a social media website (established in 2004)

2. Instagram: a social media mobile application (acquired for $1 billion in April 2012)

3. WhatsApp: a mobile messaging application (acquired for $19 billion in 2014)

4. Oculus VR: a company selling virtual reality headsets (acquired for $2.3 billion in 2014)

5. Giphy: a search engine for GIFs (acquired for $400 million in 2020)

Balance Sheet (all numbers in thousands)

Mr. Sundar PichaiCEO & Director
Mr. Lawrence Edward PageCo-Founder & Director
Mr. Sergey BrinCo-Founder & Director
Ms. Ruth M. PoratSr. VP & CFO
Dr. Prabhakar RaghavanSr. VP of Google
Mr. Philipp SchindlerSr. VP & Chief Bus. Officer of Google
Mr. Kent WalkerCorp. Sec.
Ms. Amie Thuener O'TooleChief Accounting Officer & VP
Ms. Ellen WestVP of Investor Relations
Ms. Ivy RossHead of Project Aura and VP

Facebook Key Executives

Total Assets301,311,000286,556,000258,848,000241,086,000
Current Assets181,915,000175,552,000169,662,000159,851,000
Cash, Cash Equivalents & Short Term Investments136,527,000133,819,000133,768,000132,981,000
Cash And Cash Equivalents13,576,00011,356,00011,946,0007,663,000
Other Short Term Investments122,951,000122,463,000121,822,000125,318,000
Accounts receivable32,011,00029,524,00026,481,00019,792,000
Gross Accounts Receivable32,799,00029,935,00026,858,00020,197,000
Allowance For Doubtful Accounts Receivable-788,000-411,000-377,000-405,000
Raw Materials700,000399,000655,000797,000
Work in Process83,00053,00054,000145,000
Finished Goods1,112,0001,611,0001,953,0001,239,000
Other Current Assets11,482,00010,146,0006,751,0004,897,000
Total non-current assets119,396,000111,004,00089,186,00081,235,000
Net PPE52,904,00043,856,00036,146,00023,734,000
Gross PPE96,101,00079,186,00065,369,00047,913,000
Land And Improvements1,823,0001,540,0001,254,0001,107,000
Buildings And Improvements33,995,00026,288,00020,604,00016,284,000
Machinery Furniture Equipment46,043,00038,663,00032,090,00025,458,000
Other Properties8,753,0007,379,0006,686,00047,913,000
Accumulated Depreciation-43,197,000-35,330,000-29,223,000-24,179,000
Goodwill And Other Intangible Assets50,389,00049,776,00043,736,00045,228,000
Other Intangible Assets7,038,0007,750,0008,053,00010,106,000
Investments And Advances2,965,0002,649,0001,862,0006,023,000
Long Term Equity Investment-2,649,0001,862,0006,023,000
Other Non Current Assets13,138,00014,723,0007,442,0006,250,000
Total Liabilities Net Minority Interest183,007,000184,226,000176,130,000168,692,000
Current Liabilities72,310,00069,420,00058,488,00064,527,000
Payables And Accrued Expenses14,660,00015,047,00010,738,0008,205,000
Accounts Payable12,530,0009,382,0008,617,0007,390,000
Total Tax Payable2,130,0005,665,0002,121,000718,000
Income Tax Payable2,130,0005,665,0002,121,000718,000
Other Payable---97,000
Pension & Other Post Retirement Benefit Plans Current7,874,0006,830,0006,103,0005,819,000
Current Debt And Capital Lease Obligation3,749,0005,516,0003,998,00010,121,000
Current Debt3,749,0005,516,0003,998,00010,121,000
Current Deferred Liabilities36,000,00032,676,00028,905,00034,102,000
Current Deferred Revenue36,000,00032,676,00028,905,00034,102,000
Other Current Liabilities10,027,0009,351,0008,744,0006,280,000
Total Non Current Liabilities Net Minority Interest110,697,000114,806,000117,642,000104,165,000
Long Term Debt And Capital Lease Obligation67,249,00072,850,00077,810,00076,073,000
Long Term Debt59,578,00066,662,00072,242,00076,073,000
Long Term Capital Lease Obligation7,671,0006,188,0005,568,000-
Non Current Deferred Liabilities3,384,0004,763,0004,356,00010,908,000
Non Current Deferred Taxes Liabilities204,000233,000541,000531,000
Non Current Deferred Revenue3,180,0004,530,0003,815,00010,377,000
Tradeand Other Payables Non Current29,432,00029,612,00030,265,000-
Other Non Current Liabilities10,632,0007,581,0005,211,00017,184,000
Total Equity Gross Minority Interest118,304,000102,330,00082,718,00072,394,000
Stockholders' Equity118,304,000102,330,00082,718,00072,394,000
Capital Stock80,552,00078,520,00071,223,00069,315,000
Common Stock80,552,00078,520,00071,223,00069,315,000
Retained Earnings34,566,00024,150,00013,682,0002,648,000
Gains Losses Not Affecting Retained Earnings3,186,000-340,000-2,187,000431,000
Total Capitalization177,882,000168,992,000154,960,000148,467,000
Common Stock Equity118,304,000102,330,00082,718,00072,394,000
Capital Lease Obligations7,671,0006,188,0005,568,000-
Net Tangible Assets67,915,00052,554,00038,982,00027,166,000
Working Capital109,605,000106,132,000111,174,00095,324,000
Invested Capital181,631,000174,508,000158,958,000158,588,000
Tangible Book Value67,915,00052,554,00038,982,00027,166,000
Total Debt70,998,00078,366,00081,808,00086,194,000
Net Debt49,751,00060,822,00064,294,00078,531,000
Share Issued7,571,0007,643,0007,677,0007,708,000
Ordinary Shares Number7,571,0007,643,0007,677,0007,708,000

Facebook, Inc. (FB) Stock History:

Facebook filed for its much-awaited IPO on February 1, 2012, and officially went public on 18th May 2012, issuing shares at the price of $38.00 for the common public. This share price valued the company at $104 billion, the greatest valuation ever given to a new public company. The Facebook IPO raised a staggering $16 billion, the third greatest amount raised by an American company (after General Motors and Visa). The company’s stock is traded on NASDAQ with the ticker symbol ‘FB.’

There have been no stock splits in Facebook, Inc.’s history.

Pros of purchasing Facebook Stock (NASDAQ: FB):

1. Continuing Growth: Facebook may already be the largest social media platform worldwide, but it still continues to grow every day. In 2020, Facebook’s daily active users grew by 11%, while the website’s monthly active users grew by 12% by the end of the year.

2. VR & AR: Facebook has started to look at new areas of growth and has been investing in the virtual and augmented reality market. The company acquired Oculus VR in 2014 and grew Facebook’s non-advertising revenue by a whopping 156% with the sale of the Oculus Quest 2 headset alone. With a growing demand for virtual reality devices, it’s likely that Facebook’s investment in the VR realm will continue to prove fruitful for the company in the future.

Cons of purchasing Facebook Stock (NASDAQ: FB):

1. Apple’s iOS 14 Policy: Apple’s iOS 14’s new privacy policy is limiting Facebook’s facility to gather user data and carry out target marketing to its full potential. Since advertising revenues make up over 95% of the company’s total income, this could prove to be highly detrimental to Facebook in the near future.

2. Growth Stagnation in North America: Even though the company is continuing to grow worldwide, Facebook’s daily active users living in the U.S. and Canada declined for a second quarter early this year due to growing competition. Since 45% of Facebook’s ad revenue comes from these countries alone, a decline in users from U.S. and Canada can cause the company’s ad income to stagnate in the future.

FAQ about Facebook Stock

Where is the Facebook headquarters?

Facebook, Inc.
1601 Willow Road
Menlo Park, CA 94025
United States

Does Facebook stock pay dividends?

No, Facebook stock does not pay dividends.

Have Facebook ever split their shares?

There have been no stock splits in Facebook, Inc.’s history.

When does the fiscal year end for Facebook?

The fiscal year end for Facebook is December 31st.

How to buy Facebook stock in Canada

You can buy Facebook shares by contacting your broker. Or you can use self-trading platforms to buy and sell Facebook stock on your own.

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