How To Buy Tesla Stock (TSLA) In Canada

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Last updated on October 1, 2021

Looking to buy Tesla stock?

If you’re in Canada, you can buy Tesla stock from most trading platforms. The two best major self-trading platforms that let you buy and sell Tesla stock is Wealthsimple Trade and Questrade.

Best stock trading platforms in Canada that let you buy Tesla stock:

Tesla Company Overview

One of the leading names in clean energy today, Tesla was originally founded as Tesla Motors by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning in 2003. The company is named after Nikola Tesla, the famous electrical engineer, and inventor known for developing the modern AC (alternating current electricity supply system). Found in San Carlos, California, the company is currently headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

Elon Musk, one of Tesla’s earliest investors, has served as the business’s CEO since 2008. With a vision to make energy and transport sustainable using solar power and electric vehicles, the company is best known for its collection of environmentally-friendly electric cars, solar panels, and solar roof tiles. Apart from its tangible line of products, Tesla earns a massive income by selling Zero Emission vehicle regulatory credits to other automobile manufacturers.

To understand more about regulatory credits issued to automobile companies by the government, click here:

Balance Sheet (all numbers in thousands)

Mr. Dara KhosrowshahiCEO & Director
Mr. Garrett CampCo-Founder, Board Observer & Product Advisor
Mr. Nelson Juseuk ChaiChief Financial Officer
Mr. Derek Anthony WestSr. VP, Chief Legal Officer & Corp. Sec.
Ms. Jill HazelbakerSr. VP of Marketing & Public Affairs
Ms. Nikki KrishnamurthySr. VP & Chief People Officer
Mr. Glen CeremonyChief Accounting Officer & Global Corp. Controller
Mr. Sundeep JainChief Product Officer
Mr. Sukumar RathnamChief Technology Officer
Ms. Emily MaherHead of Investor Relations

Tesla Key Executives

Total Assets159,316,000133,376,00097,334,00084,524,000
Current Assets75,670,00066,225,00050,480,00048,563,000
Cash, Cash Equivalents & Short Term Investments61,954,00054,855,00041,114,00041,711,000
Cash And Cash Equivalents17,576,00019,079,00010,019,0008,079,000
Cash Equivalents11,088,00014,344,0007,306,0005,867,000
Other Short Term Investments44,378,00035,776,00031,095,00033,632,000
Accounts receivable11,335,0009,518,0007,587,0005,832,000
Gross Accounts Receivable11,449,0009,724,0007,816,0006,021,000
Allowance For Doubtful Accounts Receivable-114,000-206,000-229,000-189,000
Prepaid Assets2,381,0001,852,0001,779,0001,020,000
Total non-current assets83,646,00067,151,00046,854,00035,961,000
Net PPE54,981,00044,783,00024,683,00013,721,000
Gross PPE70,399,00055,446,00031,573,00018,337,000
Land And Improvements1,326,0001,097,000899,000798,000
Buildings And Improvements17,360,00011,226,0007,401,0004,909,000
Machinery Furniture Equipment2,458,00018,817,0001,187,000681,000
Other Properties33,646,00011,095,00013,017,0007,998,000
Construction in Progress11,288,00010,099,0007,228,0002,992,000
Accumulated Depreciation-15,418,000-10,663,000-6,890,000-4,616,000
Goodwill And Other Intangible Assets19,673,00019,609,00019,595,00020,105,000
Other Intangible Assets623,000894,0001,294,0001,884,000
Investments And Advances6,234,000---
Long Term Equity Investment6,234,000---
Other Non Current Assets2,758,0002,759,0002,576,0002,135,000
Total Liabilities Net Minority Interest31,026,00032,322,00013,207,00010,177,000
Current Liabilities14,981,00015,053,0007,017,0003,760,000
Payables And Accrued Expenses7,498,0009,505,0003,383,0001,685,000
Accounts Payable1,331,0001,363,000820,000380,000
Total Tax Payable2,038,000624,000491,000230,000
Other Payable1,093,000886,000541,000390,000
Current Accrued Expenses3,036,0006,632,0001,531,000685,000
Pension & Other Post Retirement Benefit Plans Current2,609,0001,704,0001,203,000776,000
Current Debt And Capital Lease Obligation1,023,0001,077,000500,000-
Current Debt-277,000500,000-
Current Notes Payable-624,000491,000-
Line of Credit-277,000500,000-
Current Capital Lease Obligation1,023,000800,000--
Current Deferred Liabilities382,000269,000147,00098,000
Current Deferred Revenue382,000269,000147,00098,000
Other Current Liabilities3,469,0002,498,0001,784,0001,201,000
Total Non Current Liabilities Net Minority Interest16,045,00017,269,0006,190,0006,417,000
Long Term Debt And Capital Lease Obligation9,631,0009,524,000--
Long Term Capital Lease Obligation9,631,0009,524,000--
Non Current Deferred Liabilities-1,039,000673,000-
Non Current Deferred Taxes Liabilities-1,039,000673,000-
Tradeand Other Payables Non Current5,025,0005,651,0004,655,0005,372,000
Other Non Current Liabilities1,389,0001,055,000862,0001,045,000
Total Equity Gross Minority Interest128,290,000101,054,00084,127,00074,347,000
Stockholders' Equity128,290,000101,054,00084,127,00074,347,000
Capital Stock0000
Common Stock0000
Additional Paid in Capital50,018,00045,851,00042,906,00040,584,000
Retained Earnings77,345,00055,692,00041,981,00033,990,000
Gains Losses Not Affecting Retained Earnings927,000-489,000-760,000-227,000
Total Capitalization128,290,000101,054,00084,127,00074,347,000
Common Stock Equity128,290,000101,054,00084,127,00074,347,000
Capital Lease Obligations10,654,00010,324,000--
Net Tangible Assets108,617,00081,445,00064,532,00054,242,000
Working Capital60,689,00051,172,00043,463,00044,803,000
Invested Capital128,290,000101,331,00084,627,00074,347,000
Tangible Book Value108,617,00081,445,00064,532,00054,242,000
Total Debt10,654,00010,601,000500,000-
Share Issued2,849,0002,852,0002,854,0002,906,000
Ordinary Shares Number2,849,0002,852,0002,854,0002,906,000

Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) Stock History

Tesla (TSLA) went public on 29th June in 2010, issuing 13.3 million shares at $17.00 per share for the common public. The company’s stock is traded on NASDAQ with the ticker symbol ‘TSLA.’ Since the company’s IPO in 2010, the Tesla share has undergone 1 split over the years. Even though the split only took place less than a year ago, Tesla’s soaring stock price and increasing revenues have kept analysts wondering if another split is on the cards soon.

Stock splits allow a company’s stocks to become more accessible for new investors, by lowering the share price.

Tesla Stock Splits

Tesla has had only one stock split in its company history.

1. August 11, 2020: 5-for-1 stock split

Pros of purchasing Tesla Stock (NASDAQ: TSLA):

1. Novel Technology: Apart from being the leading name in clean energy, Tesla is also known for always being at the forefront of new and innovative technology. Whether it’s their self-driving cars or sustainable energy reserves for homes, the company is always making headlines for its range of pioneering products.

2. Continued Growth During the Pandemic: Even in the midst of an economic recession and global pandemic, Tesla manages to remain thriving and grew its sale of environmentally-friendly electric cars exponentially in 2020, selling a staggering 499, 550 vehicles worldwide (a 35.8% increase in compassion to 2019).

3. Increased Cash Flow: For the second year in a row, Tesla was able to maintain a positive cash flow in 2020. The company’s free cash flow reached $2.79 billion last year, more than doubling the 2019 collection figure of $1.08 billion.

4. President Biden’s Victory: With President Biden’s strong initiative to combat climate change, green companies like Tesla are likely to benefit from tax credits for consumers and manufacturers.

Cons of purchasing Tesla Stock (NASDAQ: TSLA):

1. Elon Musk’s Erratic Tweets: While Tesla’s CEO has gained recognition worldwide, not all the attention he receives is always positive. His comments and tweets in the past have caused an uproar among many and affected the share prices for the company.

2. Competition from Other Companies: Even though Tesla is still considered to be a leading name in clean energy, many other automobile companies have begun to design and develop electric vehicles. In the United States alone, both Ford, and General Motors have begun to invest in the manufacturing of electric cars. These competing vehicles could affect Tesla’s share price in the future.

3. Shortage of Chips: This year many automobile companies have been faced with a shortage of parts, leading to a halt or reduction in the production for many cars. In February this year, Musk confirmed through his Twitter account that Tesla also had to suspend production of vehicles due to a shortage of chip supply. This shortage of production can affect Tesla’s car sales, as well as impact the earnings made through the trading of carbon emission credits.

FAQ about Tesla Stock

Where is the Tesla headquarters?

Tesla, Inc.
3500 Deer Creek Road
Palo Alto, CA 94304
United States

Does Tesla stock pay dividends?

No, Tesla stock does not pay dividends.

Have Tesla ever split their shares?

Tesla has had one stock split in its history.

August 11, 2020: 5-for-1 stock split

When does the fiscal year end for Tesla?

The fiscal year end for Tesla is December 31st.

How to buy Tesla stock in Canada

You can buy Tesla shares by contacting your broker. Or you can use self-trading platforms to buy and sell Tesla stock on your own.

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