What Is The Dollar Value Of Scotia Rewards Points?

scotia points worth

What is a Scotiabank credit card point worth?

When converted to dollars, 1 Scotia Rewards Point is worth $0.01 CAD.

1000 Scotia Points would be worth $10.
10,000 Scotia Points would be worth $100.
100,000 Scotia Points would be worth $1000.

How do I redeem my Scotia Rewards Points?

While you can book travel through Scotiabank, the best way to maximize your points is to find cheap travel online at other sites, use your card to pay, and then redeem your purchase using your points.

Are points transferable to other programs?

No. You cannot transfer points to other programs.

Am I restricted to one specific airline?

No. You’re able to choose your preferred airline.

Do my Scotia Points Points expire?

No. As long as you are a card holder, your points will not expire. If you end up closing your Scotiabank credit card, you’ll still have 60 days to use your points.

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